This Service(s) (as hereinafter defined) is made available by Celcom subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Service herein ("Terms and Conditions") which shall form an integral part and to be read together with the terms and conditions of the customer registration form (CRF) and the terms and conditions of your mobile service offered relevant to you in respect of this Service. You acknowledge that you have read and fully understood these Terms and Conditions. Your use of the Service, upon Activation, constitutes unconditional acceptance to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as may be amended from time to time. You must ensure that any person you allow to use the Service complies with these Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions
2. Use of Service
3. Your Responsibility
4. Celcom's Rights
5. Personal Information
6. Proprietary Rights
7. Charges
8. Disclaimer
9. Celcom's Liability
10. Liability for Content
11. Liability for Third Party Content
12. Exclusion of liability
13. Variation
14. Indemnity
15. Matter Beyond Celcom's Control
16. Severability and Effect of these Terms and Conditions
17. Monitoring/recording of communications
18. Processing your instructions
19. Profligate use
20. Termination
21. Customer Care
22. General
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